Empower Your SEA MOSS Business: NETWORK with Premium Caribbean Sea Moss Suppliers through The Cam Trade Group INVESTMENT.

Empower Your SEA MOSS Business: NETWORK with Premium Caribbean Sea Moss Suppliers through The Cam Trade Group INVESTMENT.

I am Jodine Jowannie, Founder of The Cam Trade Group. We are developing a lean and scalable business model designed to outpace the market with superior growth, exceptional margins, and a robust multi-layered cash flow.

Who is The Cam Trade Group:
We are a key industry solutions company in the Caribbean dedicated to advancing Sustainable Development Goal 1 (SDG 1) – the eradication of poverty. Our primary aim is to uplift low socioeconomic communities across Latin America and the Caribbean.

We focus on emerging markets within key sectors, centered around three fundamental pillars:

1. Improving technology accessibility for SMEs and fostering B2B networks.
2. Addressing unemployment through innovative borderless employment solutions      as the future of work.
3. Ensuring fair access to capital for SMEs in the Region and financial access                across the region to the unbanked.

Our Work:
Over the past couple years, we have been actively involved in the Caribbean Seaweed industry, working to increase the total supply output in the region, and providing essential networking and capital access to SMEs trading this versatile superfood internationally.

Seaweed cultivation is emerging as a beacon of hope in the quest for sustainable aquaculture. This regenerative practice not only absorbs carbon dioxide (CO₂) and nitrogen from marine environments but also enhances biodiversity and creates new economic opportunities for coastal communities. As the world grapples with the twin challenges of climate change and food security, sea moss cultivation offers a multifaceted solution that aligns environmental restoration with economic development.

Statement of Problem:
The sea moss industry is projected to reach $4 billion by 2030. However, Caribbean sea moss suppliers struggle to meet global demand and consistent international quality standards. Many quality suppliers lack an online presence and have insufficient access to capital, limiting their production to a few hundred pounds at a time, which hampers scalability for global businesses.

Additionally, a significant portion of the region remains unbanked, hindering efficient international trade. Many SMEs in this industry are run by solopreneurs, who often face literacy limitations and are unable to invoice and trade internationally.

Our Goals:

  1. Inject micro capital into 50-100 suppliers/divers to increase their monthly supply from 300 lbs to 1,000 lbs.
  2. Maintain a single processing unit in Grenada to ensure consistent end quality. We intend to purchase sea moss (dry and wet), sort, and process it in one facility, hiring experts from our network as production managers to ensure consistent large batch quality. In the first year, the facility will focus on producing raw quality sea moss and sea moss powder, then expand to capsules, gummies, and other nutraceuticals thereafter.
  3. Build a single homing B2B marketplace (Sea Moss Buy-Sell) for the global trade of Caribbean suppliers of sea moss and then herbs, and other caribbean trade goods (Caribbean Buy-Sell). This platform will make it easy to trade in the region, eliminate friction in trading, and provide suppliers with access to the buyer market. All in One Platform to network, view certificates, book fresh monthly harvest, logistics tracking, refunds and support.
  4. Secure a price match of all TRADE MEMBERS OF CAM SEA MOSS ENTERPRISE (gold, purple, green) at $10.75 per lb for Trade members with 100 lbs - 1,000 lbs orders. We aim to give all Global SMEs an equal opportunity to compete, grow, expand, and take up market share.
  5. Establish a USA storage/distribution point to automate shipping prices, reduce delivery time, and ensure security stock in the USA, especially during island lockdowns, as in the case of hurricanes.

Our Sea Moss Buy-Sell is the first B2B e-commerce solution center for sea moss trade, uniquely connecting global SME buyers with certified SME suppliers. Our platform connects both buyer and seller networks into a single homing platform and provides comprehensive supply chain finance solutions for our users.

Our Plan: We plan to invest both capital and hands-on coaching to boost global sea moss production and position online SMEs as leaders in the evolving seaweed industry. Our 'Winner Take All' strategy aims to deliver significant returns for our partners while making a substantial regional impact. Our ambitious plan involves investing in 50-100 Caribbean suppliers, starting in Grenada and the Grenadines. This initiative aims to boost sustainable economic growth in the region and global sea moss output from 300 lbs to 1,000 lbs per supplier. Our check sizes will range from $3,000 to $20,000 USD for qualified suppliers with growth potential.

Central to this vision is establishing a unified B2B marketplace—a pivotal tech platform to empower entrepreneurs and give SMEs within our community access to buyers, enabling them to compete effectively on a global scale. This technological support is particularly beneficial for founders in marginalized communities, helping them navigate global business complexities, including documentation, certifications, logistics, invoicing, refunds, and support.

Our Business Model: We will operate on a multifaceted business model, generating revenue through recurring subscription fees charged to buyers for platform access. We will continue to build our supplier network, which will become an exclusive network that buyers will eventually have to pay to join (free for early sign-ups and investors with sea moss businesses).

We will also collect transaction commissions from our seller users.

We will take equity stakes in businesses that receive our coaching and incubator or accelerator capital financing, aligning our growth with their success and that of our investors.

Traction: To date, we have made substantial progress by helping, out of pocket, seven suppliers boost their output from 100 lbs to 300 lbs. We have built a buyer network consisting of over 3,500 buyers of sea moss and Caribbean herbs, and a supplier network of 500+ active Caribbean suppliers. Our efforts aim to connect these networks by providing an interface and a support system for efficient international trade.

Our aim to collectively contribute 100 tonnes of sea moss to the global supply by the end of 2025. To reach our next milestone and scale our operations, we need to leverage the progress we've made over the past few years with your investment.



 You can choose from two instruments:

----> INVEST HERE -  Direct Seed Investment in the CAM TRADE GROUP                                                ENTERPRISE 

  • Option 1: $165,000 SAFE investment for equity in The Cam Enterprise
  • Option 2: $165,000 for Inventory [CLAIM GREEN, GOLD, PURPLE Sea moss at $10.75/lb], minimum order of 100 lbs,  24 months to claim inventory after launch date JAN 2025. 
  • Option 3: $165,000 via debt financing (capital + 8% interest paid in 18 months from payment)  

----> DONATE HERE - Direct donation towards our supplier network to develop production in the region. Many have been affected during the recent storm and need aid to develop production output  


We seek partners who care about our people and our work, and investors who can help us make a lasting impact in the Caribbean through their network and expertise. 

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