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Business for Sale;

The CAM Trade Group - Sea Moss Enterprise (ONLY)




Sales Price per Board Seat: $2,500,000 (Non Negotiable)

Payment Terms when offering Stock: Buyers can Only present offers of up to $500,000 in stock value options in another company as buying currency (Non-negotiable)

Ownership/Equity: The buyer becomes an active decision maker in the company, holding a board member seat; 10% shareholder Equity (1 Seat), One buyer is allowed to purchase up to 4 Seats.


If One (1) Buyer Wishes to acquire all Five (5) available seats; the buyer is fast-tracked to Buying Option 2 

One or More Persons and or One or More Companies/ Sea moss Companies can represent One or More Board Seats.



Sale Price for the Company: $6,987,723 - $9,987,723 (Negotiable)

Payment Terms when offering Stock: Buyers can Only present offers of up to $2M in stock value options in another company as buying currency (Non-negotiable)

Ownership/Equity: The buyer becomes CEO & active decision maker in the company, choosing board member seats; 50% Ownership equity (5 Seats)


Minimum Annual Potential Return on Investment using current company resources: $19,332,000 - $48,330,000 (annual sales potential)



Industry Report;

 The global demand for the Sea Moss Market is presumed to reach the market size of nearly USD 4.31 BN by 2030. The global sea moss market was projected to have grown significantly in 2024. Recent reports estimate that the market size for sea moss will be around $3.8 billion by the end of this year, 2024, demonstrating robust growth from previous years. This growth is largely driven by increased consumer awareness of its health benefits and its rising use in dietary supplements, food & beverages, cosmetics, and other industries (Value Market Research) (GII Research).


The increased focus on holistic health and wellness has propelled the popularity of sea moss as a natural source of vitamins, minerals, and potential health benefits. This aligns with the rising trend of plant-based diets and the pursuit of natural supplements. Social media and influencer marketing have played a significant role, in promoting sea moss as a superfood and sharing its uses and benefits, thus amplifying consumer awareness and interest. Moreover, the beauty industry's inclination toward natural skincare ingredients has further boosted the demand for sea moss in beauty products. Its availability in various forms, combined with cultural and traditional uses in certain communities, has expanded its market reach. (Value Market Research)


The majority of the world's supply of natural, organic, wildcrafted sea moss is sourced from the Caribbean, particularly from countries like St. Lucia, Jamaica, Grenada, and the Grenadines. These areas are renowned for their pristine waters and ideal conditions for harvesting high-quality sea moss. These regions have established themselves as key suppliers because of their commitment to organic harvesting methods and the superior quality of their sea moss, making them the go-to sources for businesses and consumers seeking authentic, high-quality sea moss products.


In the U.S. and EUR, particularly in the UK, the sea moss market is experiencing significant growth, contributing to the overall expansion of the North American and European markets ( This expansion reflects the rising demand for wildcrafted sea moss, particularly from the Caribbean, which is seen as a high-quality source that meets global standards.


Key Highlights of the Offer:

The Cam Trade Group has built an extensive buyer network of over 2000+ active Sea moss Business buyers, and The Cam Trade Group - Sea moss Enterprise has a recurring buyer model; where buyers
are contracted for 1 to 5 years and supply is shipped out monthly according to their monthly order quantity. Sales value of one client who converts via our website amounts to $1000 - $120,000 annually, proving a profitable venture for any one looking for a profitable business venture to invest in, in the health and wellness industry.

In addition, the Cam Trade Group has built a network of committed suppliers with a 75-tonne Sea Moss Capacity per month; Sellers
are Contracted with The Cam Trade Group for 1 to 5 years at a fixed Price and must meet very specific quality standards; such as total monthly supply quota, color and salt ratio, how clean the sea moss is or not, and must have the necessary documentation for planting/diving, harvesting and processing.  

Our Supplier Network of 500+ contracted suppliers, is each capable of producing a minimum of 300 lbs and up to 1000 lbs of sea moss monthly, giving us a minimum capacity of 75 tonnes per month to count as a part of our total monthly capacity. (1500 sea moss businesses currently within our buyer network needing a consistent supply of 100 lbs per month, or 300 sea moss businesses needing a consistent supply of 500 lbs of sea moss per month can guarantee our current supplier pool, with additional room for scale.

Buy will be able to extract the value of the market using current resources of The Cam Trade Group - Sea moss Entreprise. 

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Why The CAM Trade Group - Sea Moss Enterprise?
The CAM Trade Group - Sea Moss Enterprise is a thriving, Caribbean-based sea moss distributor. The Cam Trade Group - Sea Moss Enterprise sources and distributes Premium Wildcrafted Caribbean Sea moss to Businesses in the USA, CAD, UK, AUS, and ZA; both Open Shoreline Cultivated Sea moss and Deep-Dived Sea moss. The Cam Trade Group has built a network of over 500+ Suppliers in the Caribbean, particularly in Grenada and neighboring islands, like Carriacou, St Lucia, and the Grenadines Islands. Collectively, our supplier network can meet a minimum supply quantity of 75 tonnes sea moss per month [each supplier has a minimum monthly supply quota of 300 lbs/per month to be enrolled and contracted annually as a part of our network; some of our larger suppliers have production capacity of 1000 lbs per month ]


-The CAM Trade Group stands at the forefront of the Sea Moss supply chain in the Caribbean, offering you a pivotal role in shaping its future trajectory. In a landscape where individual Sea Moss suppliers struggle to compete on a global scale due to constraints such as plot size, labor requirements, and international standards, the CAM Trade Group has pioneered a different approach. Rather than vie against our fellow islanders, we've cultivated a robust supplier network encompassing over 500 suppliers. Moreover, giving us access to expertise of over 500+ island specialists to conduct the essential research needed to propel us to industry dominance. Join us and be part of the decision-making process as we chart our course toward Sea moss success.

-The Caribbean stands as the sole provider of the world's natural, organic, wildcrafted Sea Moss. Whether businesses prefer coastal shoreline cultivation or deep diving from ocean rocks, the Caribbean remains their exclusive destination. Securing a board seat in The CAM Trade Group grants you unparalleled access and ownership of this abundant supply. As owner of the primary source for Sea Moss, you will be the go-to supplier for both new entrants and established competitors currently in the retail Sea Moss market.

- Owning a seat in the future of Caribbean Sea Moss Supply bestows upon you frontline decision-making authority regarding Sea Moss quality. With joint ownership of a state-of-the-art centralized processing facility, you ensure adherence to stringent international standards. This pivotal role empowers you to maintain uncompromising quality control, guaranteeing that only the finest Sea Moss reaches your market.
-By joining this venture, you embark on a mission greater than personal success. Your decision-making power will drive steady company growth, thereby ensuring consistent incomes and empowering 500 to 1500 Caribbean suppliers within the first year alone. Your leadership not only fosters economic stability for these suppliers but also promotes self-empowerment, uplifting communities and fostering sustainable development across the region.
-Eliminate the cost of Sea Moss for your retail business and gain a significant advantage in the Sea Moss gel market. By securing a board seat in The CAM Trade Group, you not only access Sea Moss at zero cost but also position yourself ahead of competitors in the lucrative Sea Moss gel market. This strategic move not only enhances your profitability but also strengthens your market position, paving the way for unparalleled success and growth.
-Smaller competitors should seriously consider acquiring a board seat to prevent larger Sea Moss companies from acquiring The CAM Trade Group - Sea Moss Enterprise. Such a move could potentially create an unfair advantage in the retail market, stifling competition and limiting opportunities for smaller players. By securing a seat at the table, smaller competitors can level the playing field, safeguard their interests, and ensure fair competition within the industry. This proactive approach protects the integrity of the market and promotes a healthy, balanced ecosystem beneficial to all stakeholders. -This deal will unleash a triumvirate effect where you gain mastery over the supply chain, quality control, and distribution channels.
-This deal sets in motion a powerful synergy, granting you access to the entire supply chain while guaranteeing top-notch quality and efficient distribution. Our suppliers will enjoy the stability of consistent sales, fostering strong relationships and trust. Meanwhile, businesses buyers will appreciate the unwavering quality and swift fulfillment, instilling confidence in our offerings. This three-pronged approach maximizes efficiency and cultivates a thriving environment for sustained growth and shared success.
-In essence, the Cam Trade Group has charted a clear roadmap to achieve $1 billion in revenue within five - ten years. Your involvement in our team not only ensures that we meet this ambitious goal but also positions us to exceed it. With your expertise and commitment, we can navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and propel the company toward unprecedented success.

-Pioneer Market Solutions with access to an extensive network comprising over 500 suppliers and expert insights from 500+ islanders, you'll possess the resources to spearhead innovative solutions in the Sea Moss industry. Your active participation cultivates creativity and fuels advancements that transcend industry boundaries, driving progress on a global scale.

-Acquiring such an enterprise offers Global Influence and Prestige. As a founder of The CAM Trade Group - Sea moss Enterprise, you ascend to prominence within the Sea Moss industry, commanding global respect and influence, credibility and unlocks doors to lucrative partnerships and opportunities worldwide.

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The Cam Trade Group is Experiencing Rapid Growth, has proven market traction and a system proven and tested for success; we are currently unable to extract the true value of the market using our own resources, however we must quickly move past our current milestone as our Trade Members, our Supplier Pool and our Team depend on our success in the Vision that we Set.

Buying a Board Member Seat in this forward thinking Sea moss business model, gives you access into the door, but more so gives you the power to steer the future of the industry. We are looking for dearing Entrepreneurs to pioneer a vision that has now grown outside the reach of its present founder. Businesses will go through a vetting process through an interview only process to ensure the future team of the Cam Trade group is aligned with the initial vision of the founder.

WE SEEK LEADERSHIP & CAPITAL INVESTMENTS IN ORDER TO; Bridge the gap between valuable Caribbean sea moss suppliers with a Supply Capacity of 75 tonnes and willing buyers in the USA, Canada, and the UK needing a demand quantity of such.

Special Criteria for Buyer;
The Cam Trade group is seeking a buyer with a solid track record in the sea moss industry. The buyer must have the know-how of international wholesale distribution or can prove the ability to build, lead, or manage a dynamic B2B sales & marketing 'team in the USA', to ensure our current monthly supply capacity of 75 tonnes gets distributed efficiently monthly to all Small, Medium & Large Business in the Following Regions; USA Cad, Eur, UK, Aus, ZA. The buyer must be able to manage or prove the ability to lead an efficient team to manage, as a part of The Cam Trade Group's 5-Year Growth Plan, A forward-thinking Warehouse & B2B Distribution Facility in the USA, and a Strategically Placed Sea moss Processing & Drying Facility in Grenada, the Caribbean.
You are Poised for Market Dominance; w/ The CAM Trade Group's Sea Moss Enterprise - This isn't just about a slice of the pie; it's your chance to own the factory and the entire pie!
This deal is ideal for:
  1. One Retail Sea moss business seeking to expand its market share, currently dominating or hoping to dominate in the industry. 
  2. Two or more group/s of competing Sea moss businesses/ other, aiming to increase their market share, increase impact in the industry, and prevent one retail business from having access to exclusive market power. Though competitors in the retail market, they can come together in the wholesale market as board members of the CAM Trade Group - Sea Moss Enterprise, pooling their resources and expertise to steer forward-thinking strategies.

There is Global Demand and A Unique Supply Chain Opportunity;
Our enterprise is uniquely positioned, with a robust supply network, our fellow island competitors lack the certification, foresight, and infrastructure to match our centralized system, and limitations make it too costly for any single supplier to compete on a global scale. The Cam Trade Group has instead built and managed a network of 500+ Caribbean sea moss suppliers, getting them to unionize on internationally accepted quality and reduce their price may seem impossible to some, but The Cam Trade Group has been doing it, and now we must guarantee for them a consistent demand each month.
Supplier Insights:
We currently have a petition of over 500+ Caribbean supplies, who all agree to sign longer-term contracts of up to 5 years with the Cam Trade group - Sea Moss Enterprise and significantly lower their supply prices for both Dry Sea moss (ready for sale) and Fresh/Wet sea moss (ready for processing) if The Cam Trade Group is to Secure for our Supplier network of consistent monthly Sales at their full production capabilities

Being able to find consistent demand for our Supplier network's monthly harvest capacity is our next milestone and to be able to hit this milestone, we must partner with capable buyer/s & investor/s.

We must build and expand a capable team, and we must also manage quality standards by owning a centralized processing facility and the necessary certifications to be able to internationally compete. A storage and distribution facility in the USA for speedy fulfillment of bulk orders alleviates all our logistics issues, and this is where Board Members will focus their efforts for the next year after buying Board Membership and becoming Active Owner & Decision maker of the Future of The Cam Trade Group - Sea moss Enterprise.

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Concerning the Takeover;
The CEO will ensure a Seamless Transition when acquiring this enterprise; Collectively the buyer/s will own 50% of the Future & of the only centralized supply chain for Sea Moss in the Caribbean, Previous Founder becomes inactive allowing Board Members Full Access to Operate and scale Operation without interference of First founder. 
  1. The CEO/ Current Founder will remain and work along with the Company for 1 - 2 year/s to ensure a smooth transition to Board. Becoming inactive thereafter, allows the Second founders to Fully extract the value of their new company.
  2. Key Executive will also remain with the company for 1 - 3 years to provide assistance, leadership & strategy when needed to second founders.
          Key Team Members Include;
          The operations manager, the supplier network manager, the quality control                manager, the head of logistics & transportation, and our Advisor on matters              relating to government approvals and policies.
          The Main Team Focus during Year 1 of Transition;
  • Build, Train, Onboard, and Advise a new team for Expansion.
  • Convert our 500+ Petitioned Suppliers to sign a 5-year contract at newly reduced pricing; team will also grow supplier network to 1500+ suppliers throughout the entire Sea Moss Growing Caribbean expanding network.
  • Assist in the Setup of a Processing Facility in Grenada; assist with government approvals, and assist with fixing trade problems, maximizing production.
  • Standardize Sea moss Quality & Ensure certification and licensing to Internationally Operate.
  • Assist in the Setup of Forward Thinking Storage & Distribution facility in the USA.
Missing Team Roles for Scale; Functional Website Development Leader & Team, Effective B2B Sales & Marketing Leader & closers Team, other.
Concerning the Takeover (con't)
  • The Company's 5-year Growth Plan
  • The Company's 5-year multi-user website development map for b2b Buyer - Supplier Trade of Sea moss.
  • CEO & Key team Executives for 1 - 3 years of owner transition.
  • Access to current 500+ extensive Supplier Network upon acquisition (up to 75 tonnes in monthly supply availability) and 1500+ suppliers after year 1 of acquisition.  
  • Access to our Extensive 2000+ Active Buyer & Prospect Buyer List, categorized by our system according to monthly demand quantity of 100 lbs up to 4000 lbs of Sea moss.
          Enjoy recurring wealth from our client payment model, where our clients are              on boarded as trade members, they are contracted per month using a tier-                 based pricing model which is dependent on the quantity and length of                      contact. Each client is contracted for 1 - 5 years, and sea moss delivery is                 automated at the client's usual monthly order quantity and price. We have an             average Trade member client sales value at $14,088 - $128,880 annually.*
  • Comprehensive onboarding systems; market research, reports, government approvals, current trade agreements, and other.
  • A Grenada Passport (in the case of a single buyer); the buyer will also enjoy the benefits of becoming a Grenadian Citizen and getting a Grenada passport as a part of Grenada's Citizenship by Investment Program. Grenada is known to be a tax haven and proves perfect for a Parent Company.
  • A Five-Year Non-Compete Agreement From CEO who will become inactive after handover; Securing your market position without competition from the previous majority owner, or disruption to your supplier or buyer network. A 5-year non-compete will come into effect after the successful handover of the company leadership and after the 1 - 2-year handover period to the new majority owner/s. 

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Concerning Our 5-year plan;
Second Founders are free to develop new strategies for scale or use The Cam Trade Group's 5-year growth plan.  

4 Steps to Buy;
Step 1: Complete a Market/ Industry Audit then send us your Indication of Interest (IOI) along with a summary of your expansion plans.
Step 2: Applications are approved on an Interview Only basis, after signing a Non-disclosure agreement, and after sending in your letter of intent and expansion summary.
Step 3: After the Interview and Buying terms discussed, you can submit your Letter of Intent (LOI) with any terms of amendment and estimated time of purchase, we will review & edit, negotiate, and update if necessary.
Step 4: Another Non-Disclosure will be signed to protect our supplier and buyer networks while your complete your due diligence, after we are comfortable with the offer, we will invite you to send in your final purchase & sale agreement, make your payment, and take over the business as the Majority owner or Member of our Board.
Seize the opportunity to not just compete but dominate the market by owning the supply chain. Contact us here to begin your steps to acquiring The Cam Trade Group - Sea Moss Enterprise.

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