Gain more Sea moss Conversions; Tell True Connecting Stories.

Gain more Sea moss Conversions; Tell True Connecting Stories.

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Telling compelling stories has always been a fundamental campaign method, Storytelling has been at the center movements intent to stimulate change and reform, shift beliefs and spread a common message. Storytelling adds an element of play that your audience can connect with, and is a much softer marketing approach as it guides them to a sale they feel like they must make and not that they are being seduced to make. In fact, if you tell the right story, to the right audience with a bit of soul, your audience tell the story for you, and you build yourself a sold marketing army. Do you still remember ‘The Why? What is your story? Why did you begin this seam moss business anyway? I will tell you my story, join the community here, to connect with other entrepreneurs, and share your story.

Sea moss has always been a part of the Caribbean tradition for decades, as a food thickener in stews, smoothies, and punches. My mom used to boil it with warm and sunny spices, just in reach of most Grenadian backyards; Cinnamon and Bay Leaves, carved orpicked maybe the week before from our tree bark, brought home fresh from the banter in the early morning market. You can taste the scorching Caribbean sun in each sip and a tiny dash of island nutmeg to bring everything together.

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As I grew, I distinctively encountered sea moss time and time again at different points in the culture, I have enjoyed for the first time our traditional Sea moss & Rum Creamed Cocktail at bars and clubs at some time in my early 20’s. In 2015 when I began a plant-based journey, I replaced eggs with sea moss in recipes, and I know someone who blends his sea moss with Caribbean roots, tree bark, and some other native herbs and continues to floss his sexual prowess,

After my pregnancy, I discovered sea moss and its benefits on the skin I was left with really ugly acne………… I needed something that worked and something that worked fast, needless to say, it took me about 3 months before I found sea moss as the only healing agent I needed for my damaged skin; Darn, this gel is magical, I thought to myself! I tested all the products suggested at the pharmacy, and right there it was in front of me, sea moss, again, all along! But when you think of it, if your skin is your largest organ, won't it make sense to feed it 92 out of 102 minerals found in sea moss?

I had to complete a microsurgery in 2019 to have bump drained and the cap removed, 4 of my 5-year dreadlocks had to be shaved off. Sea moss and Clove water sped up my hair growth, I had enough hair, in the spot to make a fresh dreadlock braid in months. 

My story helps me to remember why I committed to this cause, and each time I tell my story with more truth, and even more emotions I make stronger connections and repeat sales! Tell your story!

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