That Unbelievable Discovery Of The Soothing Effect Of Soursop Leaves For Baby  Gripes.

That Unbelievable Discovery Of The Soothing Effect Of Soursop Leaves For Baby Gripes.


Have you ever wondered at some point why your baby cries so often? ,why your baby is in so much discomfort characterized by excessive and intense crying and fussiness and your baby while been healthy and well-fed with no signs of hunger or any underlying sickness. This is however a major issue confronting mostly mothers of Newly Born, as their babies keep crying for no apparent reason at all leaving parents in total frustration and confusion.
"Baby gripes" is a colloquial term often used to describe symptoms associated with colic in infants. Colic is a condition characterized by prolonged periods of fussiness and crying in an otherwise healthy and well fed baby. It is however important to note that the major cause of colic is unknown as it may be as a result of several other contributing factor but it is believed to be related to gastrointestinal discomfort or immature digestive systems. It's a typical and testing issue looked by many guardians during the initial not many months of their child's life.
While colic is definitely not an ailment or sickness itself, it very well may be upsetting for the two guardians and babies because of its industrious and hopeless nature. As parents or guardians, particularly Mothers, it is however crucial to understand those symptoms associated with Baby gripes in order to take the necessary measures before it worsens or goes the wrong way in a baby.

Common Baby gripes Symptoms/Infant Colic:

Continuous And Delayed Crying: Colicky babies often cry for more than three hours a day, three days a week, for at least three weeks. The crying episodes may occur at the same time each day, often in the late afternoon or evening and can seem more like screaming or an expression of pain.
Fussiness and Irritability: The baby may seem unusually fussy or irritable even when not crying. They may be difficult to console.
Difficulty Sleeping: Colicky babies may have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep.
Changes in Feeding Patterns: Some colicky babies may feed more frequently or have difficulty feeding.
Discoloration on the face of the baby.
Colicky also tend to tense up their bodies either by clenching their fists, pulling up or stiffening their legs or arms.
It is however no longer News that the vast majority of people have now opted in to the use of Natural and traditional Remedies and ingredients as it relates to their personal health and well-being. Baby gripes, otherwise known as infant colic has however also been traditionally cured and treated by employing the use of various herbal remedies. Colic has right from time immemorial been treated by the use of Soursop, also known as Annona Muricata or Graviola. Soursop is suggested by some as a natural remedy for colic due to its potential calming properties, which may help soothe a fussy baby.


Dried organic soursop leaves, also known as Annona Muricata or Graviola. A native of the warm and tropical region of the Americas. It is also known and goes by the name Guanabana, paw-paw, sirsak and graviola. It is a member of the Annonaceae family. Soursop has however from time immemorial been used
in traditional medicines and has also been used to treat various range of health conditions.
Soursop leaves is unique and known for its unbelievable and incredible attribute for treating various health issues and conditions which normally might not even be treatable by synthetic medicines or modern approach.Treatment of baby gripes, not excluded.
Studies have found that Soursop may contain compounds with potential calming or sedative properties. For example, certain compounds found in Soursop, such as alkaloids and acetogenins, have been studied for their potential effects on the central nervous system. Soursop tea made from the leaves has been known to have calming and sedative effects. Traditionally used as a natural remedy to promote relaxation and improve sleep quality, sipping on a warm cup of soursop tea before bed may help reduce anxiety, relieve stress, and support a restful night's sleep.
Here are a few ways Soursop may be used:
Soursop Tea: Some parents make soursop tea by steeping soursop leaves in hot water and then giving small amounts to their baby. It's important to use caution with this method and consult with a healthcare professional before introducing any new herbal teas to an infant, as there can be potential risks and interactions.
Soursop Puree: Pureed soursop fruit may be introduced as a complementary food to a baby's diet when they are old enough to eat solids. However, it's essential to wait until the appropriate age and consult with a pediatrician before introducing new foods.
Soursop Supplements: Some parents may consider soursop supplements for themselves in the belief that it might affect breast milk composition, potentially impacting colic symptoms indirectly.
It is however imperative to note that Prior to utilizing soursop or some other normal solution for in the Treatment of colic, it's vital to talk with a pediatrician or medical care supplier. They can give direction on protected and suitable techniques to assist with easing colic side effects in newborn children. Also, be mindful about acquainting new food sources or enhancements with a baby's eating routine and guarantee they are formatively prepared for such changes.
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