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to The Cam Trade Group's Sea moss Buy-Sell Interface

The First To Market, B2B E-commerce Solution Center for Wildcrafted Caribbean Sea moss & Sea moss Products, The interface connects global sea moss buyers with Certified Caribbean Sea moss suppliers and offers vital backend supply chain finance solutions to its users in order to facilitate a smooth trade process.

Help push our vision forward by investing or donating to our cause. Your support is crucial in driving our mission and achieving our goals.

  We aim to Raise 24 months of Financing | 2024 Launch Operation

Provide Access to supply chain and accelerator financing to 250 - 500 qualified Caribbean Sea moss suppliers ending 2025; Increasing their ability to produce.
Provide Qualified Buyers Access to Supply Chain Financing; pay later & pay on delivery credit extensions to buyers while our suppliers get paid on time.
Test and Launch Our Sea moss Buy-Sell Platform; Development & Maintenance Costs, Hiring a Forward Thinking Team; Building Culture.

Grants Donations & Corporate Gifts

Support Our Supplier Network with a Donation

We intend to invest Capital into 500+ suppliers within our network to aid raw material expansion costs, maintenance, and labor contributions. Increasing their monthly output from 300lbs to 1000lbs monthly ending 2025, will ensure our buyers are ready to meet the global demand expected from the Launch of our software and rise in demand, 'Sea moss Buy-Sell' and our Capital injection provided through supply chain financcing will make ready supply for demand.

Support our Business Operations with a Grant

Our business is on the verge of significant expansion, and your grant can be the catalyst for our success. By supporting our growth, you'll help us increase capacity, streamline operations, and meet the rising demand. To solve the issues in our communities, we must take initiative. Sea moss Buy-Sell is an initiative of The Cam Trade Group, it provides Networking access & Supply Chain financing to our users to stimulate the international trade of Caribbean Sea moss. 

Invest using Post Money SAFE's / Proposed Valuation Cap of $20M


Optimize Your Investment with our Automatic SAFE's  

We aim to raise $5,000,000 in this round of funding to allow us to operate and grow over the next 24-36 months. You can choose to Invest in any of our SAFE selections and benefit from a proposed post money valuation cap of $20M. After reviewing your investment options, and having discussed final terms with the founder, select your investment path, co-sign the electronic SAFE, it will be upated with the details from your registration form, then follow payment instructions to make your investment.

Our Automated Investment Path

The Work; Our 36 month Mission 

 With a capital injection of $2.5M we intend to provide capital support to 300- 500+ suppliers within our network ending 2025, increasing our supplier monthly output from 300lbs to 1000lbs to meet global demand giving us the ability to double supply capacity in 2025. 
With $1.5M available for labor capital & growth over a 36 month period, we are able to enhance our support systems to both buyer & seller, afford to work with experts in deep industries like fintech & supply chain management and continue to develop our product and service. 
With a capital injection of $1M over a 36 month period, our 'Prototype' Sea Moss Buy-Sell, is to be designed for market user, launched, tested & upgraded. Capital will ensure we seamlessly integrate all the necessary support and backend functionalities for a smooth & swift trade process.

Our Business Model

 Buyers are onboarded with a Monthly Recurring Subscription Fee,  Suppliers are charged a Sales Commision on each sale and both Buyers & Sellers pay interest on any Supply Chain Finance Program they Qualify for.

Profit preojections at Worst Case Scenario
; Sea moss Buy Sell is only been able to onboard a conservative 2000 Direct-to-Consumer sea moss gel businesses in the USA, Canada, and the UK combined alone at subsccription prices between $299 - $999/m, assuming each user maintains account for up to a year, a modest sales revenue of $7.2 M - $24.1 M is projected annually, plus sales interest payments for lines of credit extended to any buyer or seller.