The Cam Trade Group Presents 'Sea Moss Buy-Sell' The First To Market, B2B E-commerce Solution Center for Wildcrafted Caribbean Sea moss & Sea moss Products. This interface connects global sea moss buyers with Certified Caribbean Sea moss suppliers and offers vital backend supply chain finance solutions to its buyer and supplier users in order to facilitate a smooth trade process. 

Global Sea moss Demand: Market Challenges of Caribbean Sea Moss Suppliers & SME's - Sea moss businesses

The world's go-to source for its premium wildcrafted sea moss and sea moss products remains the Caribbean, individual suppliers encounter hurdles in scaling production to meet global demand. Labor-intensive cultivation and regulatory barriers limit market access to most islanders, hindering international competitiveness. This impacts direct-to-consumer sea moss businesses whose demand and ability to buy continues to rise. International SMEs seeking sea moss directly from one supplier will soon realize they will soon have to expand their supplier network because one sea moss supplier would no be able to meet global demand. This also proves difficult as most sea moss suppliers in the caribbean do not have any online business presence, many are not on social media. 

A solution exists; our 'Sea moss Buy-Sell' interface offers small and medium-sized businesses abroad access to our network of 'ready for market'  sea moss & sea moss products and access to over 500+ Sea moss supplier experts over the caribbean. Our premier interface connects global Sea moss demand with certified Caribbean sea moss supply.

Our built in supply chain finance solution addresses key challenges of buyers and their cash flow management. Our finance programs will stimulate the growth of suppliers, giving them to ability to expand production and meet order volumes monthly. 
Cam Trade Group Launches First Funding  Round for $5M; Journey to the Next Milestone of Sea moss Buy-Sell
  • Milestone #1

    Pioneers of Innovation: Help us continue develop our prototype 'Sea Moss Buy-Sell' and help us gain the necessary license needed to be able to globally compete; our multi-user interface will connect global sea moss demand and supplier and facilitate seamless trade. One Platform, One Solution for Buyer & Supplier.
  • Milestone #2

    Pillar of Support: Help us strengthen our team and expand our reach! We need to add global industry experts & technical contributors in order to Support our expansion and we need to become the type of business that can afford maintaining them.
  • Milestone #3

    Empowering Caribbean Trade: Many of our suppliers lack the necessary funding for production expansion. We will inject capital into our current supplier network, enabling at least 250 suppliers the ability to increase production to 1000 lbs per month/ each, doubling our production capacity in 1 year.
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"The global demand for the Sea Moss Market is presumed to reach the market size of nearly USD 4.31 Billion by 2030. The global sea moss market was projected to have grown significantly in 2024. Recent reports estimate that the market size for sea moss will be around $3.8 billion by the end of this year, 2024, demonstrating robust growth from previous years. This growth is largely driven by increased consumer awareness of its health benefits and its rising use in dietary supplements, food & beverages, cosmetics, and other industries "
(Value Market Research) (GII Research).

The majority of the world's supply of natural, organic, wildcrafted sea moss is sourced from the Caribbean, particularly from countries like St. Lucia, Jamaica, Grenada, and the Grenadines. These areas are renowned for their pristine waters and ideal conditions for harvesting high-quality sea moss. These regions have established themselves as key suppliers because of their commitment to organic harvesting methods and the superior quality of their sea moss, making them the go-to sources for businesses and consumers seeking authentic, high-quality sea moss products.

The Cam Trade Group has built an extensive buyer network of over 3500+ active Sea moss Business buyers, has a recurring buyer model; where buyers are contracted for 1 to 5 years and supply is shipped out monthly according to their monthly order quantity contracted. This is a profitable venture for any one looking for a profits in the health and wellness industry.

Our Supplier Network of 500+ contracted suppliers, is each capable of producing a minimum of 300 lbs and up to 1000 lbs of sea moss monthly, giving us a minimum capacity of 75 tonnes per month to count as a part of our total monthly capacity. (1500 sea moss businesses currently within our buyer network needing a consistent supply of 100 lbs per month, or 300 sea moss businesses needing a consistent supply of 500 lbs of sea moss per month can guarantee our current supplier pool, with additional room for scale.

The Cam Trade Group - Sea Moss Enterprise sources and distributes Premium Wildcrafted Caribbean Sea moss to Businesses in the USA, CAD, UK, AUS, and ZA; both Open Shoreline Cultivated Sea moss and Deep-Dived Sea moss. Sea moss Buy-Sell is the interface that brings it all together. 

The CAM Trade Group stands at the forefront of the Sea Moss supply chain in the Caribbean, offering you a pivotal role in shaping its future trajectory. In a landscape where individual Sea Moss suppliers struggle to compete on a global scale due to constraints such as plot size, labor requirements, and international standards, the CAM Trade Group has pioneered a different approach. Rather than vie against our fellow islanders, we've cultivated a robust supplier network encompassing over 500 suppliers. Moreover, giving us access to expertise of over 500+ island specialists to conduct the essential research needed to propel us to industry dominance. Join us and be part of the decision-making process as we chart our course toward Sea moss success.

By joining this venture, you embark on a mission greater than personal success. Your decision-making power will drive steady company growth, thereby ensuring consistent incomes and empowering 500 to 1500 Caribbean suppliers within the first year alone. Your leadership not only fosters economic stability for these suppliers but also promotes self-empowerment, uplifting communities and fostering sustainable development across the region.

Pioneer Market Solutions with access to an extensive network comprising over 500 suppliers and expert insights from 500+ islanders, you'll possess the resources to spearhead innovative solutions in the Sea Moss industry. Your active participation cultivates creativity and fuels advancements that transcend industry boundaries, driving progress on a global scale.

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When you donate, you will support the growth of 250+ suppliers by 2025, enabling them to scale their production capacity to 1000 lbs monthly and effectively manage global demand increase. Empowering Market Growth!
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