AWAKEN Your Highest Self; How To Awaken Your Higher Self?

AWAKEN Your Highest Self; How To Awaken Your Higher Self?

To tap into this higher faculty, it is essential to govern the mind's chatter and clear up your mental space, allowing consciousness to access deeper insights. In this state of heightened attention, you need not actively think or act but simply be—a state of becoming the human 'Being'. Here, mental and physical energies, while useful in everyday life, hold no value. Welcome The Will to Focus. Creation from this point of attention requires you to embody what you wish to attract. Closeness is not a matter of physical proximity but of similarity in form; to attract something, you must resonate with it, becoming akin to it in essence.

Your practices of meditation and contemplation are fundamental. By governing the plane of the mind and making space for deeper insights, you can achieve moments of profound clarity and connection. Success in meditation should only be counted when these moments are realized and not before. The commitment to your practice should be ongoing, a life-long endeavor to maintain intention and attention until you can willingly engage with this faculty at any point in your daily life.

As you progress in your spiritual journey, engaging deeply in meditation and contemplation, you may begin to notice distinct changes in your perceptions and understanding. The awakening of a higher faculty is often marked by a surge in profound insights that seem to arrive effortlessly, providing solutions to complex problems or sudden revelations about the nature of reality. You might experience a newfound clarity that transcends ordinary thinking, allowing you to access intuitive knowings that bypass logical processes. This heightened state is not just about occasional flashes of insight, but a sustained ability to tap into a deeper level of consciousness. Such experiences signal that you are successfully engaging with this higher faculty, a clear indication that your spiritual practices are bearing fruit. This ongoing commitment is essential as a practice and as a way of life, ensuring you can access this elevated state of awareness at will, integrating it into your everyday experiences.

Mindful observation of nature, its cycles, and seasons offers you a mirror to the workings of the universe, embodying the principle of "as above, so below." Engaging deeply with the elements of the natural world provides insights into the interconnectedness of all things, a crucial understanding from the perspective of the higher faculty. Spending time in nature can thus draw you closer to this transcendent state.

If you are surrounded by buildings and immersed in artificial light, then it becomes imperative to seek connections with the elemental forces that remind you of your place in nature on a micro level, and in the cosmic order on a macro level. Even in urban settings, the mystic properties of running tap water or fountains, even the reliable patterns of the sun, stars, and moon rising and setting at their appointed times, offer grounding experiences, and something always present with you, your very inflows and outflows of your breath. These elements consistently fulfill their purpose and remind you of the rhythmic and cyclical nature of existence, providing a grounding force, an anchor for you amid the chaos of 'modern life'. By tuning into these natural daily phenomena, you can foster a deeper connection to the earth and its rhythms, which are crucial for maintaining contact with the awakened higher faculties. 

Your Artistic expression and your fashion identity, bypass the rational mind and speaks directly to the soul. These forms of expression can serve as gateways to higher spiritual faculties, offering glimpses into your rich inner world even from your now ordinary state. 

These creative outlets allow you to transcend ordinary modes of thought and tap into deeper, intuitive layers of your being. They are not just forms of self-expression but are tools that can unlock higher states of consciousness, connecting you to a more expansive understanding of yourself and the world. By nurturing your artistic and stylistic expressions, you actively cultivate a space where the soul can flourish, enabling a continuous unfolding of your spiritual potential and insights. This creative engagement acts as a bridge, facilitating clearer communication with your higher faculties and inviting an ongoing revelation of your innermost self.

Service and compassion shift your focus from a self-centered ego to a broader, more interconnected sense of self. Engaging selflessly in the welfare of others not only enriches your life but also expands your sense of being, elevating your focus and granting access to pure creative, and purifying energies.

This altruistic engagement is a powerful catalyst for spiritual growth. As you contribute to the betterment of others, you dissolve the boundaries that separate you from the rest of the world, fostering a profound unity with all beings. This experience of interconnectedness can lead to a heightened state of awareness where higher spiritual faculties are activated. Acts of kindness and compassion are essential practices that enrich and elevate the soul, linking you to the vast web of life and enhancing your capacity to perceive and respond to its deeper truths.

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