Connecting with your higher Self; Discovering a Higher Faculty than the Mind

Connecting with your higher Self; Discovering a Higher Faculty than the Mind

As you journey deeper into the exploration of mental freedom and its implications, you encounter an even more profound aspect of your being: an even "higher faculty" than that of the Mind. This concept, steeped in various mystical traditions and esoteric teachings, refers to an innate but often dormant dimension of yourself. It is the part of your nature that remains untouched by life's fluctuating circumstances and transcends both the liberated mind and the physical constraints of the body.

This higher faculty is described differently across cultures and spiritual systems, yet common threads weave through each depiction. In Hindu philosophy, it is akin to the Ātman, the true self which is eternal and beyond the physical. In Christian mysticism, it might be seen as the soul's unfaltering connection to the divine Spirit. In modern metaphysical discourse, it is often referred to as the seat of higher consciousness or the essence that experiences and understands reality beyond the sensory and the finite.

Understanding and engaging with this higher faculty involves an evolution of Mind and Consciousness. It requires you not just to think differently but also to perceive differently—to shift your point of view to various mind spaces so that you may select the best from a pool of choices relating to your work. This shift adds a layer of profound depth to your existence, allowing you to see your experiences as part of a larger, more meaningful whole. 

 As you delve into the realm of this higher faculty that lives beyond the realm of the Mind, you tap into capabilities that allow you to experience and perform what might be perceived as miracles or mystical events to your fellow mates. This awakened consciousness is not just a theoretical idea but manifests in tangible, often awe-inspiring ways.

With this awakened higher faculty, you will find that you can accomplish tasks with a swiftness and efficiency that surpass ordinary human abilities. This is not merely about physical speed, but a deeper, more profound quickness in understanding and executing complex concepts that ordinarily might take much longer to comprehend and apply. This heightened capability stems from your synchronization with the universal flow, where your actions align seamlessly with the needs of the moment.

Moreover, intuition becomes not just sharper but extraordinarily reliable. This enhanced intuition is a direct result of a deeper connection to both your inner world and the broader cosmic consciousness. Decisions made from this state are not only good but often spot-on, aligning perfectly with both immediate needs and long-term outcomes. These decisions are made through an inner certainty and clarity that transcends regular analytical thinking.

As you live and operate from this elevated state of being, those around you—your neighbors and peers—begin to notice that you are operating under a different kind of Power. It's not that you are different in essence from them, but rather that you have accessed and cultivated this latent part of your being. You have effectively learned to bend time and space to your will, either by brute force or through a harmonious alignment with the laws of nature and the universe.

This transformation is recognizable and often inspires awe and curiosity. It is a testament to what human beings are capable of when they awaken to their full potential and harness the capabilities of their higher functions. This awakening is not reserved for a select few but is a potential that all can strive towards, any who identify under the banner of humanity. It offers a path to transcend ordinary limitations and experience life in its fullest expression.

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