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GUT-CLEANSE PORTION [PER KG] - BULK TEA CUT BLENDS [Ashwagandha, Papaya Leaves,Turmeric,Ginger]

GUT-CLEANSE PORTION [PER KG] - BULK TEA CUT BLENDS [Ashwagandha, Papaya Leaves,Turmeric,Ginger]

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Introducing our transformative Gut Cleanse Elixir, a powerful fusion of nature's potent ingredients meticulously combined to restore and rejuvenate your digestive well-being. This exclusive formula features a synergy of Ashwagandha, Papaya leaves, Turmeric, and Ginger – each ingredient handpicked for its remarkable properties in promoting a healthier gut.

🌿 Ashwagandha: Beyond its adaptogenic benefits, Ashwagandha supports digestive health by aiding the body in managing stress. By reducing stress-induced digestive discomfort, it contributes to a smoother digestion process.

🍃 Papaya Leaves: Bursting with enzymes like papain, Papaya leaves assist in breaking down proteins and promoting efficient digestion. Their natural compounds are believed to alleviate bloating and promote regularity.

🌱 Turmeric: Renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties, Turmeric plays a crucial role in calming digestive irritation. Its active compound, curcumin, supports gut health by alleviating discomfort and promoting a balanced digestive environment.

🍂 Ginger: With its soothing and anti-nausea properties, Ginger has been used for centuries to ease digestive distress. It aids in relieving indigestion, reducing gas, and promoting healthy digestion overall.

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